Thursday, April 23, 2015

Retail Therapy

Tye Dye Roses
LDF Hexagon Risers 

Times Square Festival Collection
Plastic Window Cling and Transparent Vinyl 

SHOP + LAYER + Repeat
Fall Collection featuring Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

Oxford Street London
Plastic Window Cling and Transparent Vinyl
My Concept for London Fashion week was to curate a color pallet for your entire week

Men's Shop
Soho, New York
Pre fabricated frames with embellishment 

Black Ecipse 
Air Brushed LDF Panels

Holiday Collaboration
Featuring Iggy Azalea
Mixed Mediums

POP UP Holiday Shop
LDF + Acrylic Mirror

Resort POP-UP fixture for Market Week
Client Forever 21
Wood 1X3

Holiday Presentation
Client Forever 21
Chem-Metal Risers

Distorted Reality
Reclaimed Furniture with geometric framing

Warner Brothers X Forever21 Collaboration
LDF + Vinyl + Canvas Print

Forever21 Honduras 
Custom Wigs + Vinyl facial features

Forever 21 Swim Collection
LDF + Rope + Wood + Layered Vinyl

Rory Becca X Forever21 Collaboration
Reclaimed Furniture + 2X4 + Pine wood

Holiday Futurism
LDF with routed design

Room Elements
Wood + Finishes

Trend Projection Installation
Urban Outfitters Home Office
Various Materials

Forever 21 Fall Campaign
Ink + Watercolor

Galaxy Girls
Client Forever 21Custom Wigs + LED Star display

Cupids Revenge 
Styrofoam + Latex paint + Molded wood

Sunday, August 31, 2014